Allison Dohrman - Galactic Lighthouse

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Internationally known spiritual consultant and adviser that illuminates your personal barriers and presents  how to travel the higher pathway in line with why you are here.

I am Galactic Lighthouse, working on who knows what, when or where at any given time with my crew from Quadrant 2. Fun Times! I relay information in a straight up, to the point manner. I tell it like I hear it, no fluff, no rephrasing, no glossing over to tell you what you want to hear. You get what I get - straight from Source, your guides and/or your higher self or other benevolent beings of Light. They will gladly give a snapshot of where you are currently and where you are heading right now so you can make adjustments, if you choose to, that will alter your current direction in life. 

 If you are ready and willing to move past where you currently find yourself in life and have a strong desire to do whatever you can to raise higher and higher out of the illusions of the world around you then do yourself a favor and book a session.

Reclaiming Your Earthly Body for Your Infinite Being to Inhabit

Ever felt confused in this Ascension process? Wondering why you are going through moments of extreme physical, emotional and spiritual chaos?

“Reclaiming Your Earthly Body for Your Infinite Being to Inhabit,” contains a complete step by step guide, in easy to follow format, to assist you in clearing and removing common things such as soul contracts, agreements, curses and implants just to name a few.

The topics covered are written in easy to understand language for all ages, with care taken to be inclusive of all religious and cultural beliefs. Through this process, you will uncover and learn who YOU really are underneath all the programs, trauma, grief and manipulations, that have kept you stuck.

This workbook is a practical hands on resource to work through previously hard to locate or stubborn subjects in a supportive, understanding way that will forever alter your life

Original printing - available through the publisher.